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LGBTQ Inclusivity
A Spirit of Inclusivity
At Temple Sinai, we strongly affirm the principle of inclusivity in all areas of Jewish life.   We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for both traditional and non-traditional families.  In every program along the spectrum of lifelong learning, we commit ourselves to educating in a way that fosters acceptance of diversity.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals, interfaith families, people with disabilities, and individuals of all ages are welcome.  While we affirm the importance of the family in Jewish culture, we also strive to fully integrate singles, single parents, and childless couples into the Jewish life of our community.  

LGBTQ Members
We welcome all Jews, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, as full participants in the religious life of our congregation.  Whether single or as a couple, with or without children, you are invited to join our community, using the same membership categories applicable to all members.

LGBTQ Members and Lifecycle Events

All members and their children are entitled to the services of Temple Sinai’s clergy for the purpose of sanctifying their commitment ceremonies or weddings on an equal basis.  In determining whether to perform the ceremony, the clergy will utilize the same criteria for same-sex and heterosexual unions.  We also encourage our LGBTQ members to mark other milestones with our congregational family, such as anniversaries, and brit milah or simchat bat ceremonies for biological or adopted children.

For additional information, click here to read URJ's position on LGBTQ inclusivity.