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Over 500 members of the Temple Sinai community have contributed to the Imagine Sinai strategic visioning process – sharing thoughts on the synagogue today, the vision for the future, and ideas on how to get there. As a result of this broad-based input, five vision themes have emerged describing who we collectively want to be as a community in 2025. These themes, presented at the annual meeting and shown below, will drive our strategy and priorities over the coming years.

The Imagine Sinai Task Force, once again in partnership with clergy, staff, and numerous congregants, is now working to prioritize the myriad strategy ideas that have been suggested over the past few months. The goal is to identify the highest impact actions that will move us toward our vision in the next 3-5 years. You can expect to see tangible examples of these changes announced in the coming months, as well as continued opportunities for involvement. 

Temple Sinai Vision

In 2025, Temple Sinai:

  • Is a congregational family where we all feel known and valued. We are an inclusive community that nurtures meaningful relationships, personal friendships and a deep sense of connection in all areas of synagogue life.
  • Provides diverse pathways to deepen Jewish spiritual experience. Through inspiring worship and music, and an environment rich with intentional sacred moments, we find personal meaning and ongoing opportunities to explore our faith. 
  • Creates learning experiences that inspire a love of Jewish life. Our exciting and innovative learning experiences connect kids, teens, families, and members of all ages to each other, to Temple Sinai, and to the greater community, and enable them to live as confident Jews in the 21st century.
  • Attracts and engages a vibrant community of adults and families in their 20s and 30s. Younger members find a place for themselves within the Temple Sinai community, and are engaged in shaping every aspect of congregational life.
  • Is an integral and relevant part of our lives, both within and beyond the walls of the synagogue. Our innovative approaches enable us to connect personally and spiritually, wherever we are and whenever we need.

These are the collective visions that came out of roundtables, interviews, and interactive workshops. Many strategies to realize these visions also came out of these gatherings. We will be pursuing a number of these core strategies, and putting in place two “enablers” to realize our vision:

Core Strategies

  • Institutionalizing practices to foster a culture of relationship in every aspect of the congregant experience
  • Intentionally curating varied experiences that enable congregants to deepen their Jewish spiritual lives
  • Creating a Center for Learning and Engagement that enables youth, teens, adults and families to build  meaningful experiences throughout their Jewish educational journey
  • Facilitating the formation and support for neighborhood and affinity-based congregant gatherings/groups
  • Creating social, educational, cultural, and spiritual experiences that engage families
  • Facilitating the creation of customized “Sinai Journeys” for members of the congregation
  • Researching, prototyping, and piloting initiatives to meaningfully engage with 20’s and 30’s


  • Implementing state-of-the-art technology to enhance personalized communication, connection, and real-time opportunities for involvement
  • Enhancing Temple Sinai’s campus to allow for easier physical access, increased connection, and more diverse and meaningful spiritual experiences

All of these are big ideas that have the potential to transform our congregation.  And all of these will require commitment from every one of us – clergy, staff, and congregants alike. 

We encourage everyone to find an opportunity to help make these changes happen and to experience something new at Temple Sinai in the coming year. 

You will be hearing more about Imagine Sinai: updates on where we are headed, opportunities to get involved, actions that you can take. Feel free to contact  Jack Feldman (, or Brad Levenberg ( for more information on how to get involved. Join us in creating your own journey to imagine Sinai and in realizing our vision for the future of Temple Sinai!

Sun, May 26 2019 21 Iyar 5779