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Let in the Divine Spark

10/20/2022 09:37:50 AM


Rabbi Sam Trief

I recently watched a video about a young curious woman eager to learn the secrets of creation and the universe. 

While in her room one night, surrounded by mementos of her heroes, she stares up at the stars and wonders: How did it all start? 

While we might not have all the answers to these foundational questions, this week's Torah portion Bereshit gives us a point from which to begin. 

In our Torah Portion, we learn that prior to creation, the universe was chaos, mayhem. The Hebrew words Tohu va-Vohu​​​​​​ is the expression used to explain the state of our universe. Some Talmudic Rabbis define Tohu va-Vohu as “bewildered” others define this Hebrew expression to mean “unformed and void.” 

The story of Creation is a model from which to learn about the human process of producing. 

Like God,  when we see disorder and chaos,  we want to fix, construct and design. Whether we are trying to make something as simple as dinner, or something more grandiose as an actual piece of artwork, teaching a class, arguing a case,  or curing a disease, we too are making something out of chaos. And when we let in the divine spark, we will get where we will need to go, will create what it is we are meant to create, we will  solve the problems that we are trying to solve. Bereshit reminds us that we are God's partners in creation, but not only is creation about a partnership with God, but creation is also about God acting through us. 

And so, this Saturday at 8:00 pm, join us at the Holy Innocents' Practice Field to Stargaze with us, to ponder with us, and to learn with us.  As we gaze at the stars, we will marvel at this beautiful world we live in, and hopefully determine how we can best create goodness with the help of God’s divine spark. 

Shabbat Shalom

Sat, December 10 2022 16 Kislev 5783