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Happy Summer

06/01/2017 04:51:23 PM


Rabbi Samantha Shabman

Happy Summer!

It seems like summer is truly starting. Schools are letting out, camps are beginning, schedules are winding down a bit. And with the  added heat and humidity, comes the opportunity for excitement and growth. It provides us with time to visit with family and friends, to catch up on good books, to try new things, explore new places. I love how summer gives us the time we need for even the smallest of  blessings - the gift of exploring a new park in our neighborhood or trying a new ice cream flavor.

As summer starts, I am eager to leave for Israel this Shabbat. I feel so blessed to be going to my favorite place, with Temple Sinai. Be sure to follow our blog posts as our  group travels across the world to learn, pray, eat, explore and celebrate.

No matter what your age, as summer approaches, I hope that for YOU it is full of all of your favorite things that the season has to offer.

I leave you with a blessing, written by one of the  Union for Reform Judaism Camps:

May it be Your will, Lord our God, that you depart on your way to [summer] in peace and may your steps be guided in the way of peace.

May you find learning and growth along the way, may you make new friends, renew old friendships, and learn more about yourself. May the mosquitoes be guided away from you, and may the raindrops not fall [too frequently]. May the food be delicious and the pool the right temperature, and may you seek out new experiences and try new things.

May you return home in one piece with all your belongings, and may you ever yearn to return to the land of [Summer]. And let us say: Amen

Keeping you in our thoughts, and prayers for a fun and safe summer. We can't wait to hear all about it!

Shabbat Shalom

Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780