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There's a Blessing for That

08/09/2018 09:26:51 AM


Beth Schafer

I am a lifelong Apple fanatic and have been a Mac user and early adopter since my first Mac Plus in 1988. When the iPhone, came on the scene, in order to educate consumers on its capabilities, there was a great ad campaign with the tagline, “There’s an app for that.” Think of anything you want your phone to do and there’s an app for it.

I am sure this campaign had its roots in Judaism (although Steve Jobs was a Buddhist). Basically, if you can think of a situation, an action, or special moment, Judaism teaches, “There’s a blessing for that.”

Wake up in the morning and notice that it’s light out? There’s a blessing for that. Reach a special milestone in your life? There’s a blessing for that. See a glorious work of nature? There’s a blessing for that. Have a good experience going to the bathroom in the morning (all systems go)? There’s a blessing for that!

What’s with all these blessings? Blessings are the language of gratitude. By making a blessing or bracha, we acknowledge that something is significant enough to stop, notice, and give thanks. Blessings train us to be grateful and to not take things for granted.

Although there are many prescribed blessings in Judaism, there are also the blessings we create. Our clergy team is constantly seeking ways to make moments in your lives spiritually meaningful by offering a blessing.

I would like to add an opportunity to bless Temple Sinai’s 16-year-olds. As 16 is the age one can legally drive in Georgia, I would like to invite any kids who have gotten their driver’s license to Temple Sinai for a new drivers blessing. On the first Friday of the month at 6 pm, feel free to meet me on the bima, the same bima where many of you became bar and bat mitzvah, to mark this next exciting milestone in your life. Parents are certainly welcome (as I know you have been praying constantly since your child’s been behind the wheel)!

May we always make time to bless, to praise, and give thanks for all we receive.

Shabbat shalom,



Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779