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HUB 9-12 Color War Night

Saturday, October 24, 2020 6 Cheshvan 5781

7:00 PM - 9:00 PMLarge & Small Social Hall



We are excited to launch our NEW teen engagement initiative, HUB, where Temple Sinai teens can find community and connection as well as leadership skills and inspiration at a time they need it the most! Thanks to a generous grant from JumpSpark, HUB is sure to transform our teen community at Temple Sinai.

HUB stands for Hadrachah U’chesed v’Bina: Leadership through Kindness and Wisdom. At Temple Sinai, our goal is for our teens to be prepared for the world, ready to inspire those around them with compassion. Through HUB, they will discover and grow their leadership skills by expanding their minds and opening their hearts with in-person and virtual programming opportunities.

This year, HUB will be both in person and virtual Jewish experiences:  


Our 7th and 8th graders will have the chance to participate in HUB 78 Teen Nights, where teens can gather in  the teen circle of their choice, with the topic that is interesting to them! 

HUB 9-12 

Specifically, designed for 9th-12th graders, HUB9-12 Teen Nights are, planned BY teens FOR teens, thanks to our wonderful HUB Teen Leadership Committee. 

HUB Action Days

All teens will also have the opportunity to participate in HUB Action Days, where we will focus on how to better our community and pop-up events planned throughout the year.

Register below for your All Access Pass to HUB!

HUB programs are gender affirming and inclusive. We want to address your teen with language that makes them feel comfortable!

Enter your social media info to connect with our HUB accounts!

If applicable, please list any significant medical condition or allergy your student has, including required accommodations and any steps that should be taken if the condition or allergy is triggered while in our program.

I hereby grant permission for my child(ren) to participate in all Temple Sinai Preschool programs, activities, and events and do hereby release Temple Sinai, Inc., its respective directors, officers and employees of and from any and all claims whatsoever arising or which may arise by reason of my child’s(ren’s) participation in the programs, activities, field trips and events, including any claims due to personal injuries or illness. 

In addition, I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the below child(ren), do further certify that my child(ren) is physically able to participate in such activities and hereby authorize Temple Sinai and its authorized representatives as agents for the undersigned, to consent to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and hospital care which is to be rendered under the general or specific supervision of any licensed physician or the staff of a licensed hospital, whether such diagnosis, examination or treatment is rendered at the office of the said physician, or at such hospital.

The Temple Sinai Center for Learning and Engagement NOAR Sunday and Youth and Teen Programs (HUB)(hereinafter referred to as “Youth and Teen Programs”) have been closed since March 13, 2020, in accordance with directives from government authorities, including but not limited to the CDC Guidelines, in light of the spread of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19 (“Coronavirus”). To the extent permitted under guidance from government authorities, Temple Sinai intends to reopen its Youth and Teen Programs on or about October 4, 2020. As is widely known from media coverage and government reports, the Coronavirus is highly contagious and is spread mainly by person-to-person contact. Government authorities and health experts have recommended that people take various measures to protect themselves and others from infection, including social distancing, face masks, handwashing, not touching one’s face, cleaning of surfaces, quarantining and other measures. Temple Sinai is committed to take the appropriate measures to comply with the guidelines government authorities issue regarding supplementary schools and youth and teen programs in the Sandy Springs/Fulton County Area. Nonetheless, while Temple Sinai will try its best, the fact that children and teens are involved makes it impractical for Temple Sinai to assure that recommended practices can, or will be, followed in all cases. Also, while recognizing the risks of future Coronavirus infections at its re-opened Youth and Teen Programs, Temple Sinai has been informed that its liability insurance policy excludes coverage for such infections.

Therefore, in return for being permitted to enroll my child in the Youth and Teen Programs going forward, and as an inducement to Temple Sinai to continue to provide Youth and Teen Programs, the undersigned, for myself, my children, my heirs, my personal representatives and assigns, hereby agree as follows:
  1. Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk. I release Temple Sinai, Inc. (“Temple Sinai”) from liability for the following: Any and all claims for acts and/or omissions by employees or representatives of Temple Sinai that cause or contribute to personal injury, accidents, illnesses or property loss related to the Coronavirus and arising out of my child’s attendance at the Youth and Teen Programs and/or my child’s related use of Temple Sinai premises and facilities. I recognize and understand that the consequences of Coronavirus infection can be severe, including prolonged illness, permanent disability or death. This waiver and release applies to any claim of any kind that may be asserted by me, my child, any member of my family, and/or any third persons who claim to have suffered a Coronavirus-related injury due to contact with my child or anyone else, including (without limitation) contact with anyone located at, or associated with, the Youth and Teen Programs. By providing this waiver and release, I understand that I am, along with the others I am binding by signing below, assuming the risk that my child and/or others with whom he/she comes in contact at the Youth and Teen Programs, or persons who thereafter may be in a contact chain of which my child is a part, may become infected with the Coronavirus and may suffer severe injury or other consequences as a result.
  1. Promise to Indemnify and Hold Harmless. I agree not to sue Temple Sinai for any claim waived and/or released by the foregoing paragraph. I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Temple Sinai from any and all claims, actions, lawsuits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including (without limitation) attorney’s fees, arising in any way out of my child’s attendance at the Youth and Teen Programs and related in any way to the Coronavirus. I further agree to reimburse Temple Sinai for any such expenses incurred immediately after written demand by Temple Sinai, whether or not the claims giving rise to such expenses have then been finally resolved. If Temple Sinai sues to enforce this indemnity, the prevailing party shall be awarded its/her/his attorneys’ fees and expenses.
  1. Scope and Limitations of Agreement. This Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity (“Waiver”) shall apply to, and shall benefit, any and all officers, trustees, employees, contractors, representatives, agents, volunteers and assigns of Temple Sinai (“Covered Person”). In accordance with Georgia law, this Waiver shall not apply to any acts or omissions by Temple Sinai or any Covered Person that are intentionally wrongful under Georgia law.
  1. Severability. This Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law. If any portion is held invalid, the remaining portions will continue to have full legal force and effect.
  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This Waiver shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Waiver shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Fulton County, State of Georgia.
  1. Acknowledgment of Understandings. I have read this Waiver and fully understand its terms, and I understand that I am giving up substantial rights including my right to sue. I confirm that I am signing this Waiver freely and voluntarily, and intend my signature to be a complete and unconditional (a) release of liability, (b) assumption of risk and (c) promise to indemnify, to the greatest extent allowed by law. I further acknowledge that this is the entire agreement between Temple Sinai and me on the subject matter of this Waiver and that it cannot be changed except by a writing signed by me and Temple Sinai.
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