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In just 75 years, Israel has accomplished so much, and we are all witness to this great miracle of Jewish independence and Jewish revival on the world stage and in our lifetimes. With the dawning of a new era of Arab Israeli peace, we hope and pray that other, more elusive peace treaties are yet-to-be forged. We will come together throughout the year to mark this incredible milestone and celebrate 75 years of Israel’s extraordinary existence. 

In addition to other events, we will have a four-part series of celebrations to highlight different aspects of Israel’s culture, history, and fascinating story. Together with dynamic and engaging scholars, speakers, and artists, we will share unique and unforgettable stories of Israel.

Join us for our kick-off event for this year's celebrations around Israel's 75th birthday on Friday, September 9 at 6:30 pm - WHAT IS YOUR ISRAEL STORY? As we can all answer this question in a thousand different ways, we will also hear from Rabbi Yael Dadoun who will share her fascinating Israel story. Born into a Moroccan-Tunisian-Israeli family, her Jewish identity is inextricably linked to her love for Israel. Other events will follow throughout 5783 (2022-2023). Stay tuned for more information.

Libi Ba'Mizrach V'Anochi B'Sof Ma'arav: My heart is in the East though I find myself on the edge of the West.

These 1000-year-old words by Spanish-Jewish poet Yehuda HaLevi encapsulate the perpetual Jewish orientation toward Jerusalem and Israel. Though we find ourselves living in the Diaspora, we still feel a yearning toward our homeland and an intense connection to her well-being. Our clergy have all spent significant time living in Israel, as well as leading trips there, and feel committed to fostering a genuine connection for Temple Sinai members. This is done through speaking from the pulpit, teaching, and encouraging discussions among people with diverse viewpoints. 

Though Israel is often scrutinized in national media through the lens of the conflict, we strive to bring the real Israel to the synagogue, focusing on life, culture, film, and food. Israel is a complex and dynamic State, and it is incumbent upon us to engage with her in various dimensions so as to gain knowledge and empathy. 

In our larger Atlanta community, we are fortunate to have a shinshin, a young Israeli emissary helping to infuse a love of Israel through various programmatic efforts at Temple Sinai. We also strive to build relationships with various cities and communities throughout Israel and we are committed to strengthening the voice and presence of Reform and progressive Judaism in Israel.  

Contact the clergy or Rabbi Natan Trief (adult education) for current offerings or if you would like to suggest a class or some other type of programming. 

Here are some resources (web and print) to help bring various aspects of Israel to life.

  • News from Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World. Great English website for Israel news
  • Institute for the Study of Modern Israel: A local Institute housed at Emory and a world-class Institute specializing in modern Israel studies
  • Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn by Daniel Gordis (a new, comprehensive and accessible history of the State of Israel)
  • The Zionist Ideas: Edited by Gil Troy (A new, modern, and multi-voiced edition of the classic work by Arthur Hertzberg)
  • Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor by Yossi Klein Halevi (a rich and creative look at how Israelis could start a fruitful conversation with her neighbors)
  • Thou Shalt Innovate by Avi Jorisch (how Israel is repairing the world through innovation and technology)
  • Catch 67 by Micah Goodman (a great primer to understand the complexity around the territories won in 1967 and controlled by Israel) 

Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783