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HUB engages teens in Grades 7-12 to deepen their Jewish knowledge, leadership skills, spirituality and social connection to their peers. At Temple Sinai, we want our teens to be prepared for the world, ready to inspire those around them with compassion, as well as to develop a strong sense of self and Jewish identity. Through HUB, they will discover and grow their leadership skills by expanding their minds and opening their hearts.  HUB has different tiers of the “opt-in” so it’s flexible for our busy teens.


• Engage teens to deepen their Jewish knowledge
• Hone their leadership skills
• Explore their spirituality
• Connect socially to other Jewish peers

HUB Bina (Wisdom)

Grade level learning experiences for students in Grades 7-12.

Students in Grades 7-9 will meet  twice a month on Sundays from 12:15 pm-2:00 pm in a grade-level cohort community with minimester topics ranging from Jewish cooking to anti-semitism.

7th Grade - Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah - One Deed Leads to Another
In 7th Grade, students focus on “Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah,” meaning one good deed leads to another. Through hands-on learning experiences and thought provoking discussions, 7th graders learn how to see the world through Jewish eyes and kindness in their hearts.

8th Grade - Kehillah Kedoshah - Sacred Community
In 8th Grade, students learn about their sacred community. With topics ranging from Jewish cooking to anti-semitism, students will explore their Jewish community and heritage in a safe space.

9th Grade - Gesher Tzar Meod - Whole World is a Narrow Bridge
In 9th Grade, students focus on the Jewish anecdote “The world is a narrow bridge” by exploring all sides of hot button issues.

10th Grade Confirmation
Sundays 11:00 am-12:15pm
Confirmation provides an ideal setting for 10th graders to explore their Judaism together with Rabbi Brad Levenberg and our Confirmation staff. Confirmation allows teens to explore the relevance and importance of enduring topics related to Jewish identity such as God, Torah, Israel and more. The Confirmation year includes both an opening retreat in Atlanta as well as a much-anticipated class trip to New York in the spring and culminates with a special Confirmation service in March.

11th and 12th Grade – Monthly Dinner Club
Wednesdays, once a month, 6:00 pm-7:30 pm
Please join Rabbi Brad Levenberg for a monthly dinner club where we have a bit of social time, a bit of learning, and a conversation around the topic.

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HUB Hadracha (Leadership)

HUB Hadracha is where teens can hone their leadership skills and be a role model for younger kids, or plan and lead events for their peers.


Madrichim-in-Training (7th - 8th Graders)
Teens in Grades 7-8 will be exposed to different learning settings at Noar Sunday and engage in rigorous training for them to be successful teaching assistants. Highlights for Madrichim-in-Training include:

• Weekly leadership workshops.
• Exposure to different types of educators and education settings through assisting with Noar Sunday Chugim.
• Cohort of peers in their grade level to grow professionally

Junior Madrichim (9th - 10th Graders)
Teens in Grades 9 - 10 will be assisting in a class at Noar Sunday each week and participating in workshops throughout the year to hone their skills. Junior Madrichim have the opportunity to participate in Noar Sunday and/or Noar Hebrew (additional Hebrew assessment is required to assist in Noar Hebrew).

Senior Madrichim (11th - 12th Graders)
Teens in grades 11 - 12 will be assisting in a class each week with additional workshops and responsibilities. Senior Madrichim can participate in either Noar Sunday and/or Noar Hebrew (additional Hebrew assessment is required to assist in Noar Hebrew).

Apply Here for Our Madrichim Program

Teen Leadership Committees

HUB 78 Leadership Committee
The HUB 78 Advisory Committee is made up of 7th and 8th graders, and teens will have the opportunity to envision HUB 78 Nights, Small Group Sundays, serve as a communications liaison, & more. 8th graders will also have the opportunity to directly assist in the planning process, learning event planning skills and program management.

HUB 9-12 Leadership Committee
HUB programming for 9th-12th graders is created BY teens FOR teens, through the HUB 9-12 Leadership Committee! The Leadership Committee will be in charge of planning and implementing HUB 9-12 Nights and Small Group Sundays for high schoolers.


Apply Here for Our Leadership Committees

HUB Chesed (Kindness)

Teen Mitzvah Corps (Open to Teens in Grades 7-12)

Put your Jewish values into action! Join other Temple Sinai teens in helping the greater Atlanta community through HUB Chesed, a teen mitzvah corps group created in partnership with Repair the World. HUB Chesed will meet monthly on Saturday afternoons. Volunteer your time and make a difference in our community by working with different organizations and parts of Atlanta that are in need of support. All teens in 7th - 12th grades can participate in HUB Chesed Mitzvah Corps.

HUB Connect

The informal nature of HUB Connect gives this part of HUB more flexibility to meet teens where they are at and to help foster Jewish friendships.  HUB Connect offers different ways for teens to connect to each other including small groups, circles, informal meet-ups, and themed HUB 78 and HUB 9-12 nights.

Small Group Sundays and Teen Circles
Small Group Sundays are planned and led by our wonderful teen leaders. We created small groups in order for teens to foster close connections with their peers and focus on topics they are interested in.

HUB 78 Nights
At HUB 78 Nights, Sinai 7th and 8th graders will participate in fun activities designed in partnership with the HUB 78 Leadership Committee. At HUB 78 Nights, teens will socialize, participate in engaging programs, and have fun!

HUB 9-12 Nights
At HUB 9-12 Nights, Sinai 9th-12th graders will participate in fun activities planned and implemented by the HUB 9-12 Leadership Committee! At HUB 9-12 Nights, there will be opportunities to have fun doing activities planned BY teens FOR teens, meet new people and engage in different programs.

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