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		                                    Shabbat Morning Torah Study		                                </span>

Prayer is how we speak to God, Torah Study is how God speaks to us. 


The name Israel means to wrestle with God and prevail. This is what we aim to do in our weekly Torah study, occurring every Saturday morning, rain or shine, virtual or in-person, at 9:00 am. 

There is a very famous story in the Talmud called the Oven of Achnai. At the end of the story, after miraculous events and intense discussions, it is God's people (not God!) who determine the correct course of action. A divine voice then calls out, Lo Ba'Shamayim Hi/It is not in the Heavens, meaning it is incumbent upon us, here on Earth, to discuss, debate, and determine the contours of our partnership with God. In response, as the story closes, God responds, Nitzchuni banay, two Hebrew words that can mean one of two things. Either, my children have defeated me, or, my children have eternalized me. 

In fulfilling the commandment of Torah study, we wrestle with God's word and, in so doing, we sanctify and perpetuate our relationship with the divine. Torah study has accompanied and defined the Jewish People throughout the millennia. We invite you to join us in fulfilling this sacred obligation and privilege. 

Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783