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(Kindergarten through 6th grade)

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Sundays, 9:30 am-12:15 pm

Introducing…Noar Sunday!  Temple Sinai’s new learning experience for Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Noar Sunday takes place Sundays from 9:30am-12:15 pm and replaces the traditional Religious School model.  Noar Sunday is guided by these four principles:

•    Authentic Jewish content
•    Personal Choice
•    Community Building
•    Hands-on learning

•    Eidah (unit) – each child will be part of an eidah, made up of two grades that share a curriculum and come together for special programs and community time.
•    Bayit Time-in their bayit, children will have their core learning block and community time which consists of other children from their grade, madrichim (teen assistants), and a teacher to guide their experience.  
•    Chugim (Electives)-children will choose an elective that sparks their passion and
mix with children across their eidah.  Each session of chugim will be based on the same Jewish content, but modalities will range from cooking to STEM to arts and more!
•    T’fillah- children will pray together with Temple Sinai’s clergy with songs, pra
yers, and stories tailored to each age group.

Noar Sunday gives us the opportunity to involve parents in new and relevant ways. Be on the lookout for information throughout the school year. 

Read below to learn more about the experience for each eidah!
Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Shoreshim

2nd and 3rd Grade: Chaverim
4th and 5th Grade: Orim
6th Grade: Zehut

Also take a look at NOAR Hebrew below for 3rd through 6th graders! 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Shoreshim
Core Focus: “It Is a Tree of Life”

Bayit Year A (2018-19): Torah
•    Students will get to know Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Miriam, and more along their journey through the Torah.
•    Acting, art, stories, STEM, and numerous other techniques will bring the learning to life and reach students with all types of learning styles.
Bayit Year B (2019-20): Shabbat and Love Your Neighbor-V’Ahavta L’reiacha Kamocha
•    Uses the value of “Love Your Neighbor” as the frame to explore of people and places around the synagogue, holidays, Israel, and more.
•    All about Shabbat, why do we have a day of rest?  What makes Shabbat special from all other days of the week?

Chugim Topics:
•    What does it mean to be part of a Holy Community-a Kehillah Kedoshah?
•    Protecting the Earth-Shomrei Adamah
•    Kindness-Chesed

Be sure to also check out SCRAPPY, Temple Sinai’s youth group for Kindergarten and 1st graders! 

2nd and 3rd Grade: Chaverim
Core Focus: Al Shlosha D’varim: The world stands on three things: Torah, Avodah (prayer or service) and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness)

Bayit Year A (2018-19): The World Stands on Three Things-Al Shlosha D’varim
•    Torah-an age-appropriate dive into Torah and Haftarah
•    Avodah- prayer or service (focus of this unit will be on God and Spirituality)
•    Gemilut Hasadim-Acts of Loving Kindness, How to be a Mensch

Bayit Year B (2019-20): Jewish Holidays
•    Journey through the Jewish calendar, rituals, feasts, fasts, celebrations, and more.
•    Children will experience the holidays with all their senses, through cooking, art, music, small group challenges, maybe even some shofar blowing!

Chugim Topics:
•    Mussar (Jewish character development) and Friendship
•    Jewish Heroes and Sheroes

Chaverim children are also a part of Club 23, Temple Sinai’s youth group for 2nd and 3rd graders. 

4th and 5th Grade: Orim
Core Focus: God and Spirituality, Jewish Lifecycles

Bayit Year A (2018-19): God and Spirituality, Lifecycle
•    What is my relationship with God? When do I feel spiritual? The approach our curriculum takes begins with a personal reflection of these questions and others, then layers on top of it different Jewish ideas about God. Through this process, children’s ideas can evolve and deepen.
•    Experience the Jewish lifecycle including birth and baby naming through growing up and leaving home to marriage, conversion, and more.

Bayit Year B (2019-20): Israel
•    Take a deep dive into the history and formation of the State of Israel.
•    Explore the people and culture of the Jewish homeland.
•    Build a personal relationship and connection with the State of Israel.

Chugim Topics
•    Shabbat Shalom-Peace and Wholeness of Shabbat
•    Everyone Was Created in the Image of God-B’tzellem Elohim
•    Passover

Also be sure to check out Club 45, Temple Sinai’s youth group for 4th and 5th graders!

6th Grade: Zehut
Core Focus: Jewish Peoplehood: Am Yisrael Chai

The 6th grade program is designed as a bridge to help pre-teens transition from the youth realm to the teen community and the more mature identity-building that comes with it (hence the eidah name Zehut, which means identity).  

The 6th grade curriculum asks these central questions:
•    Who am I?
•    What is Am Yisrael (the Jewish People) and how do I fit into it?
The curriculum address these questions from many angles, such as:
•    Comparative Judaism-what does it mean to be a Reform Jew, Conservative Jew, Orthodox Jew, etc. 
•    Modern Jewish history and its effect on the Jewish People (immigration at Ellis Island, the Holocaust, the more recent influx of Jews from the Former Soviet Union and Persian Jews, etc.),
•    The constant evolution of Reform Judaism (the role of women, especially women as clergy, changing worship styles, and more).  
•    Jewish diversity-how do Jews of Color, interfaith families, and other groups add richness and strength to the Jewish People? 
•    Which Jewish texts might speak to me?  We will explore Pirke Avot, a book of wisdom and ethical teachings that is especially age-appropriate for teens.
Another highlight of the 6th grade experience is a brand new “In Town Retreat” that will kick off the year with community building and memory-making at an overnight experience.  

(Note: 6th grade is a one-year curriculum since this eidah is only one grade)

As the transition year between Noar and teen programs, 6th grade will join Sinai678, Temple Sinai’s youth group for middle schoolers. 

NOAR Hebrew for Grades 3-6 

Beginning in 3rd grade, children add one of our three Hebrew options to their Noar experience.  We teach Hebrew through prayer and focus on reading fluency, synagogue participation skills as well as the meaning of the prayers.  Our goal is for students to be able to lead and participate in prayer with their community, have an understanding of the prayers and be able to connect to them on a personal level. Our engaging curriculum ensures that our students master their Hebrew skills and gain meaningful connections to the prayers.  We have three options for our Hebrew Program to meet your family’s needs.  We strive to make it accessible and convenient while maintaining our goal of creating a strong learning community.  

Noar Hebrew Option #1: Sunday Hebrew at Temple Sinai
Sunday 12:45-1:45 pm

Our students who attend this program meet at Temple Sinai in grade level classes of up to 15 students.  There is an opportunity to build community with a larger group, as well as benefit from additional resources such as madrichim (teen assistants) and a Hebrew Resource teacher who can pull students out to work one-on-one or in small groups.  This experience provides a feeling of excitement and success as we learn and practice together as a community!  After Noar Sunday, Sunday Hebrew students stay and have lunch together and a break for some social time, then have class from 12:45 to 1:45.

Note: We no longer offer Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon traditional Hebrew School.  Those programs have evolved into Hebrew Chavurah groups that happen to meet at Temple Sinai.  If you are looking for a weekday option at Temple Sinai, please sign up for Hebrew Chavurah (see option 2 below).

Hebrew Option #2: Hebrew Chavurah
Groups scheduled throughout the week after school in various neighborhoods!

Our Hebrew Chavurah program consists of small groups of 3-6 students who will meet weekly for Hebrew instruction in homes, community centers, or other local schools.  Students in the Hebrew Chavurah program will be placed in small groups based on grade, location, day and time and Hebrew levels (if possible).  Students in Hebrew Chavurah will get the benefit of small group instruction, forming connections and bonds with the other peers in their group and of course their teacher!

Hebrew Option #3: Private Tutoring
We offer the option of getting a private tutor (from the approved tutor list) if neither the Sunday Hebrew or Hebrew Chavurah program works for you.  If you are considering this option, we suggest you speak to Emily Cohen or Marisa Kaiser prior to registering to ensure it will accomplish your goals for your child.

Sat, April 20 2019 15 Nisan 5779