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Shabbat to Shabbat: An Opportunity to Serve

07/12/2017 11:30:17 AM


Rabbi Ron Segal

One of the many strengths of our Temple Sinai family is the willingness of so many individuals to volunteer their time and talents for the benefit and betterment of the congregation. Countless events, programs, and celebrations that take place each year could never happen without the support of our Sinai members. I also know, though, that many more of you would gladly give a few hours of time to your synagogue if you knew that it would make a significant difference in the life of our community.

Well, what if I told you that only 8 hours of service to Temple Sinai over the course of a year could sincerely help make a meaningful difference for our community? I am thrilled to help introduce our new Shammashim initiative. Many may recognize the Hebrew word shammash from years of lighting our Chanukah menorahs (some might also pronounce the word “shammes”). The shammash is the servant candle whose purpose is to help provide light to the others. It is this idea of service which has inspired our Shammashim (plural of shammash) endeavor.

Those who volunteer as Shammashim will be asked to serve our community on four Friday evenings per year (@ 5:45-7:45 PM), doing our best with genuine kindness, warmth and offers of assistance, to welcome fellow members and visitors and to bring more light into the congregation as we celebrate Shabbat. Appreciating that those coming to recite kaddish in recognition of a loved one’s yahrzeit might prefer to focus on personal memories, Shammashim will be comprised solely of fellow members who wish to serve the community and who have indicated their desire to be part of the Shammashim Corps (please fill out the information at this link -- ). Every shammash will be asked to go to a one hour orientation at which the intention, aspirations, and “how-to’s” of this important endeavor will be explained. Then, it’s as simple as signing up to serve your congregation – only 4 times per year!

Along with Jaimee Boettcher, our Membership Engagement Director, and Elaine Brill (co-designer of our Shammashim program), I want to thank the many of you who will help to bring more light into our congregation and Temple Sinai family.

Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780