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Give the Gift of Jewish Education and Help Us Grow!

Receive a tax credit by directing your tax dollars to Temple Sinai Preschool and help a Pre-K student attend our school. The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program is a critical source of financial support for our students. The ALEF Fund allows individual taxpayers and certain corporations to redirect their taxes to a scholarship fund for Temple Sinai Preschool Pre-K and TK students. Both taxpayers and corporations may take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their contributions, making the program practically cost-free to donors.

Georgia taxpayers can redirect taxes up to the following amounts:
Single or multi-member LLC’s: $10,000
Partners in Partnerships: $10,000
Shareholders in S Corporations: $10,000
Married: $2,500
Single: $1,000
Married filing separately: $1,250
Trusts and Estates: can offset up to 75% of their state income tax 
Corporations: can offset up to 75% of their State income tax

Learn more and complete your application online at

Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783