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		                                    Baby Naming or Brit Milah		                                </span>

In the Jewish tradition, having children is considered one of the greatest possible sources of happiness. There are a variety of rich Jewish customs associated with the arrival of a new Jewish baby. "Brit," is the Hebrew word for covenant. The covenant of circumcision,otherwise known as "Brit Milah," is the oldest continuous Jewish rite, a ritual that unites Jews throughout the ages. Taking place on the 8th day following the birth of a baby boy, this ceremony announces the parents' commitment to taking on the responsibilities and joys of raising a Jewish child in covenant with God. "Brit Bat," is the symbolic ceremony of welcoming infant daughters to this historic relationship. This is accomplished through meaningful words and rituals developed in recent years. Both Brit ceremonies involve giving the child a Hebrew name. An excellent book to help you become more familiar with these customs and to help you get started in your preparations for a Brit ceremony is "The New Jewish Baby Book" by Anita Diamant.

There are many options available to you, regarding the location of your Brit ritual:

  • Your Home
  • The Hospital
  • Temple Sinai
  • During a worship service on Friday night or Saturday morning
  • Rabbi's Study

If you have any questions regarding the customs of Brit Milah or Brit Bat, or you'd like to schedule a Brit ceremony, please contact one of the rabbis. He or she will help you decide on the appropriate time and place for your special ceremony.

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