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H.U.B. stands for the Hebrew Hadracha U’kehillah v’Bina (Leadership-Community-Wisdom) and serves as our “hub” for teen learning and engagement for grades 7th–12th. Teens in H.U.B. are engaged in this three-pronged approach in continuing their Jewish journey at Temple Sinai.

As they navigate forming their Jewish identity, H.U.B. 78 equips 7th-8th graders with a deeper understanding of Jewish topics. Adapted to fit teen schedules, these choice based classes meet 12:30–2:00 pm one Sunday a month for a semester. They begin their time together noshing on pizza and schmoozing with friends before transitioning to the learning circle they select.

New this Year, Confirmation is now a 2-year course. Year Alef, 9th grade, meets 12:30 p –2:00 pm one Sunday a month for the year, during which students will explore some of the most challenging contemporary topics. After exploring divisive issues from a multitude of angles—including hearing from experts on both sides of the topic and exploring Jewish text and values—students will share their own perspectives as well.

10th Grade Confirmation meets weekly 11:00 am–12:15 pm on most Noar Sundays. Class sessions provide an ideal setting for students to explore their Judaism together with our clergy and our Confirmation staff. This experience allows teens to explore and develop their Jewish identities through meaningful study and fun interactive experiences. In addition to the friendships that are formed and deepened over the year, highlights of the program include the annual class trip to New York and the meaningful Confirmation service in the spring.

11th Grade Know Before You Go is a series designed around relevant questions and worries in the lives of high school juniors. Some questions include: What questions should I ask about Jewish life on campus? Is a gap year right for me? How do I leverage my Temple Sinai experience when writing applications?

12th Grade Know Before You Go are meetings that center on next steps in their Jewish journey. High school seniors and their families are invited to join this series designed to address and help students prepare for aspects of Jewish life post high school. All seniors are invited to participate in the Temple Sinai Senior Blessing before graduation.


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