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Kesher Caring Committee

"Kesher" means connection. The mission of the Temple Sinai Kesher Committee is to connect and support the members of our congregational community in their times of need. Kesher offers to provide a variety of services including a meal of consolation after a death, or guarding a home during a funeral. Kesher also calls congregants to offer support, sends get-well cards, condolence cards and notes several times during the year following the death, and sends gifts to members' new babies. There are four primary ways to get involved:

Team Volunteer

Volunteers serve on a team for 2, two-week sessions per year to make calls to congregants who have welcomed a new baby, in times of illness/hospitalization, and mourning following the loss of a loved one. Volunteers may also deliver a Kesher Cares Meal to a family with a newborn or dealing with an illness. They may also order a meal for a family sitting shiva or house-sit during a funeral.

Kesher Captains

These volunteers handle the administrative responsibilities of a Kesher team by distributing assignments, monitoring communications and reporting team progress to the Kesher Co-Chairs.

Kesher Training Manual

Our Kesher Committee is unique because of the strong emphasis we place on training and retraining members to respond in an appropriate, consistent manner, and the systematic approach we have developed to ensure that no one falls through the cracks. A written manual contains the history of the committee, a description of the services provided, and a training manual with specific policies and procedures. Temple Sinai is nationally recognized as a leader in the development of a caring community, and we have trained members of synagogues and churches in Atlanta and throughout the United States.

For more information about the Kesher committee or to get involved, please complete the form below.

Nefesh Mental Health Support

Living with Mental Illness in the Family: A Jewish Support and Resource Group for Families and Caregivers

One in four Americans is either being treated for a mental illness, or has a close family member who is being treated for a mental illness. This translates to over 50 million people, ages 18 and older. This includes our parents, children, grandchildren, and friends; those with whom we live, work, and play.

How can family and friends help? How can we gain the knowledge and understanding to recognize and cope with mental illness? How can we raise awareness about the impact of mental illness to get the help our loved ones need and the support we require?

The mission of Temple Sinai's R'fuat HaNefesh committee is to reduce the stigma surrounding severe, chronic mental illness in the Jewish Community, and to provide support for one another. No one has to be alone when faced with these challenges.

Click here for our list of Mental Health Resources.

If you or someone you love is in need, please contact one of our Rabbis to discuss how we can help.
For more information about the committee or to get involved, please complete the form below.

Hineini Accessibility Committee

The Hineini (“Here I Am”) committee was created to bring together Sinai members who care deeply about ensuring that our temple is accessible to all. Sinai has two Accessibility Concierges available to assist any with questions or issues regarding accessing all that Sinai has to offer. They focus on inclusion, accessibility and cherishing the differences and uniqueness that embody our membership and make our community stronger. Please complete the form below to contact our concierges.

As part of our inclusivity efforts, Sinai hosts T’micha, a support group for family members of children who learn differently, need behavioral support or have special needs.  We have informal, open-ended discussions about our children, as well as ideas for schools, services, camps, activities, etc.  Families leave our sessions with new ideas and connections to other families facing similar challenges. For further information, please complete the form below.

Furthermore, Sinai ensures that all schools — Preschool, Religious and Hebrew — have supports in place for children who learn differently.  Contact for more information.
Temple Sinai takes the accessibility of its services and programming seriously and wants everything offered available to all congregants and guests.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or wish to join the Hineini Committee, we welcome you. We want to continue to be a leader in inclusion and accessibility in the Jewish Community and want all those who wish to become a part of our community to do so proudly and with ease.

Click Here to Learn More About Hineini

Chevra Kadisha

This group of men and women perform the mitzvah of “Tahara”, the ritual cleansing or purifying of the body when a death occurs. Volunteers are always needed. Contact Rabbi Ron Segal.

Volunteer Core

The Volunteer Core is a group of members who will be connected periodically with volunteer opportunities at Temple Sinai. These could range from one-off experiences like helping with mailings or ongoing opportunities such as serving as a regular Friday night Shammash (usher). 

  • Sign up and share a little about what type(s) of volunteer roles might interest you. 
  • Approximately once a month, you will receive an email with upcoming volunteer opportunities and how to participate in each
  • If timely opportunities ‘pop up’ in one of your preferred areas, you may be contacted to work on a project needing immediate attention


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