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		                                    Racial Equity and Justice		                                </span>

The United States simply cannot achieve the values of “justice for all” to which it aspires until we address ongoing racism in all sectors and at all levels of society. Despite the abolishment of slavery in 1865, systemic oppression, police violence, and racial discrimination against Black Americans and people of Color continues today. Lynchings, Jim Crow laws, restricted access to the ballot box, a biased criminal justice system, and redlining are just some examples of how racial inequity has been sustained in American life. Systemic disparities and injustices will endure unless proactive steps are taken to acknowledge and eliminate them. The Reform Movement works across lines of difference to fight the structural racism that is embedded in our society and to advance justice for all people, regardless of race or ethnicity.


SIT-IN: Alliance Theatre Community Screening, Sunday, March 14, 6:30 pm: This original animated short celebrates the power of youth to change history. We meet three friends as they learn about the sit-ins of the civil rights era and powerfully apply those lessons to issues they face today. Following this 32-minute film, come together with a teaching artist to engage in meaningful intergenerational conversation. This program is best for children older than 9 years old – there is so much to be gained and learned from one another! Please register. Click this link to watch a trailer of SIT-IN. RSVP HERE

Wed, December 1 2021 27 Kislev 5782