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50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Pirkei Avot

04/20/2018 08:00:11 AM


Pirkei Avot 2:5: "Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place." 
Interpreted by Ellen and Sandy Schwartz
Preceding this advice,

Wisdom Gives Way to Hope

04/19/2018 09:13:17 AM


By: Beth Schafer

During this time between Pesach and Shavuot, it is traditional to read from the part of the Talmud known as Pirkei Avot. Pirkei Avot has small nuggets of wisdom intended for self-reflection and self-improvement. The idea is that our freedom (celebrated on Pesach) should inspire us to be the best people we can be to accept the gift of Torah (on Shavuot). In reviewing these verses, one stuck out to me this year.

Ben Zoma says: Who is...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Music

04/19/2018 08:00:11 AM


This week we feature Pirkei Avot 1:2. Shimon the Righteous was from the remnants of the Great Assembly. He would say, "On three things the world stanRead more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Mindfulness

04/18/2018 08:00:16 AM


Mussar is a Jewish ethical, educational, and cultural movement that developed in the 13th century in Lithuania. The term Mussar is from the book of PRead more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Israel

04/17/2018 08:01:14 AM


Natural Wonders 
While the Dead Sea is one of Israel’s most popular attractions, our great country is home to many other spectacular natural wRead more...

Temple Sinai in India 2018

04/15/2018 09:00:09 PM


Rabbi Brad Levenberg

Temple Sinai members are in India with Rabbi Brad Levenberg.  Follow their experience on this blog and through our Facebook Page here.

Day 5

India: Oh What a Day; Oh What a Night

Our day began as we said goodbye to Delhi. The experience was breathtaking and proved to offer quite an orientation to this amazing country. I wrote just a few days ago about some of the guiding questions and Delhi has provided...Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Pirkei Avot

04/13/2018 08:00:12 AM


Pirkei Avot 2:1: Be as careful in observance of a minor commandment as in a major commandment, because you don't know the respective rewards for the Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Music

04/12/2018 08:01:11 AM


This week we feature Pirkei Avot 4:1. Ben Zoma says: Who is wise? One who learns from everyone.
Here is a spirited musical interpretation, "Ayzeh

Greeting Each Moment Fully

04/11/2018 09:22:43 AM


By: Rabbi Ron Segal

I set my alarm to awaken a few hours earlier than normal one morning this week.  For a variety reasons, the week has been overly stressful, so I wanted to clear a few things off of my to-do list which have lived there for far too long.  Cup of coffee in hand, I sat down at the breakfast table, prepared to open the laptop and get to work.  But with the ticking clock and hum of the refrigerator as morning companions, my mind...Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Mindfulness

04/11/2018 08:02:10 AM


When something bad happens to you and you did not have the power to avoid it, do not aggravate the situation even more throuRead more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Israel

04/10/2018 08:01:10 AM


Arts & Culture 
Everywhere you go in Israel, modern, hip, life is infused with Judaism in one way or another. Only in Tel Aviv – the cultural Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Mitzvot

04/09/2018 08:01:28 AM


A prayer to recite when performing acts that repair the world: Baruch atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech haolam, shenatan lanu hizdamnut l’taken et ha-olam....Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Nature

04/08/2018 08:02:17 AM


99 Blessings: An Invitation to Life   
Brother David Steindl-Rast Source of All Blessings, You bless us with lakes – those eyes of the countryside...Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Pirkei Avot

04/06/2018 08:01:15 AM


“One who makes a name great, destroys it” (1:13) Interpreted by Paul Lipman Examining the first portion of this maxim, “One who seeks a name…loses...Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Music

04/05/2018 08:00:08 AM



50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Mindfulness

04/04/2018 08:00:42 AM






Standing in the Shadows of Kings

04/03/2018 11:00:18 AM


By: Rabbi Brad Levenberg

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the Biblical story of the Exodus. Specifically, I have been ruminating on the start of the story, when “a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” arose to power and decreed that all Jewish boys should be put to death. The story focuses on one defiant family who rescues a male infant from his demise, with that boy (eventually) becoming the adult Moses who, as God’s mouthpiece, rescued a people, my...Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Israel

04/03/2018 08:00:21 AM



50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Nature

04/01/2018 08:07:38 AM


As Jews, we are taught to be stewards of the world that God created for us.Each Sunday, we will provide a reading, prayer, or textthat affirms nature's significance in Judaism.Read more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments: Pirkei Avot

03/30/2018 08:08:53 AM


Pirkei Avot is a compilation of ethical teachings and moral principles through which we can learn to live more righteously.Volunteers from the Saturday morning Torah study have provided theirpersonal interpretation ofselected passages for our on FRead more...

50 Days of Spiritual Moments

03/28/2018 12:19:34 PM


By: Rabbi Ron Segal

Smartphones.  Where would we be without them?  With the simple swipe of a finger or a voice command, we have instant access to email, texts, twitter feeds, the weather forecast, directions, internet search engines, our music library, games, podcasts... Truly any information one could possibly want is long as the phone battery doesn’t run out of juice!   Countless testimonials affirm...Read more...

Repairing the Cracks in the World

03/20/2018 08:39:09 AM


By: Rabbi Brad Levenberg

I promise not to write about him every week. But I found myself traveling to California for our annual gathering of Reform rabbis and listening to Leonard Cohen on the five-hour flight. I came across the song Anthem, one of the more recent songs by Cohen, which contains the following lyric:

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the...

Do you speak Rohingya?

03/15/2018 11:49:34 AM


By: Rabbi Sam Shabman

The Rohingya are the largest minority group in the country of Myanmar. They are the “other.” Their skin color is different, their facial features are different, their language is foreign and they practice Islam as opposed to Buddhism. And Myanmar is blaming all the nation's problems on them.

So, the Rohingya are fleeing and searching for a place to go. Many are going to Bangladesh; however, Bangladesh simply cannot absorb many...Read more...

Peace Begins at Home

03/08/2018 12:21:50 PM


By: Beth Schafer

You know the old joke, the host of the Miss America pageant asks all of the finalists what their one wish is, and they all answer “world peace.” Although a noble aspiration and certainly something we all hope for and would benefit from, can we really pray for world peace? When we sing the words of Oseh Shalom, we are saying, “May the One who makes peace in the heavens help us to make peace here on earth, to which we will say,...Read more...

Shabbat D'var Sinai - Purim

03/06/2018 09:36:39 AM


Teen Power: Finding and Using their Voice for Change

03/01/2018 10:04:44 AM


By: Rabbi Ron Segal

“Anatoly as long as you are there,

We the children of Israel share your prayer,

Anatoly as long as you’re not free, neither are we.”  (D. Mishkin)


I recall singing those words as a teenager active in NFTY in the late 70s/early 80s, together with...Read more...

The Spirituality of Kabbalah

02/20/2018 01:23:30 PM


By: Rabbi Brad Levenberg

According to tradition, one must have reached the age of 40 before studying Kabbalah. But you can study Leonard Cohen at any age. And with soulful melodies such as “Hallelujah” and “Famous Blue Raincoat,” “Suzanne” and “First We Take Manhattan,” my hope is that we don’t wait another day to study Cohen.

By studying Leonard Cohen one might walk away with an appreciation of the later spirituality presented in...Read more...

A Measure of Comfort

02/15/2018 12:51:55 PM


By: Rabbi Brad Levenberg

Once again we find ourselves shocked and shattered by a tragic school shooting. The heartbreak, the tears, and the unimaginable violence scar us anew. In our anguish we all search for any words possible that might provide solace or shelter from this violent storm which seemingly has no end. Though no poet can erase the pain or despair so many are feeling, may this tender prayer by Rabbi David Dine Wirtschafer provide us with a measure of...Read more...

Wanna Schmooze?

02/08/2018 09:28:20 AM


By: Beth Schafer

I’ve told you this before. I love Shabbat. I think it is one of the most brilliant of commandments in Jewish observance. It is time to pause the busyness of life and just stop. What a thing to be commanded! I couldn’t think of something more valuable than being asked to stop working and just reconnect-with people, with tradition, with God. Around 3 pm on Fridays, the tenor of the office changes. Yes, we are busy getting ready for...Read more...

Divinity in our Diversity

02/01/2018 09:05:13 AM


By: Rabbi Ron Segal

“Some say that I can be rough around the edges at times and that I am difficult to get to know. However, once people get to know me they discover that I am easy-going and likeable.”


“People describe me as approachable and quite friendly, willing to talk with anyone about almost anything.  What no one knows, however, is...Read more...

Sat, April 21 2018 6 Iyar 5778