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Mitzvote is a non-partisan get-out-the-vote campaign that provides Sinai members with the education and resources they need to mobilize and vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Utilizing Jewish wisdom to empower and enable our members to engage in the election, the priorities of this campaign are:

Eliminate the barriers to voting
Our volunteers reach out to Sinai members to help them to monitor their voter registration status. For those who are registered, we walk them through how to find their polling station and the rules around voting. When we encounter someone who is not yet registered, we walk them through the process of how to register to vote and make their vote count.

Engage with our partner organization, the Black/Jewish Coalition of the American Jewish Committee
The Black/Jewish Coalition has made it a priority to assist those who identify as Black, Jewish, or Jews of Color to be able to participate in the election this year. This year, we will help to drive people to the polls and will adopt a polling station.

Ensure voting access to students on campus
A key component of the Mitzvote campaign is working with our young people. Rabbi Levenberg sends greetings to each of our students in advance of their 18th birthday with an invitation to register and we serve as a resource to our college students who need to vote via absentee ballot through our College Outreach department.

For more information or to get involved, contact Rabbi Brad Levenberg.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784