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As Senate is in session, it’s imperative the we pay close attention to the bills submitted and ensure that Georgians have fair access to voting. Click below for more information on each of the proposed bills. Check back to this page for updated information and opportunities to make your voice heard on behalf of Georgians:

  • SB67 – Absentee ballot application ID
  • SB68 – Ban ballot drop boxes
  • SB69 – End automatic voter registration
  • SB70 – Prohibits new Georgia residents from voting in runoffs
  • SB71 – Requires an excuse to vote absentee
  • SB72 – Mandates monthly updates to election officials of voters who have died
  • SB73 – Bans nonprofits from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters
  • SB74 – Expands poll watcher access
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