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		                                    Environmental Awareness & Action Conversations		                                </span>

Each month, Sinai congregants who are concerned about the environment gather together to share their enthusiasm and their ideas. This robust and inter-generational group takes the time to understand local and national initiatives. That awareness turns into action as members empower each other to take action, whether in the form of advocacy, attending events, or taking direct steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to repair the world.

This group is responsible for

  • our recent energy audit in which deficiencies around our campus were identified… and then the group helped find the funding to make changes throughout our building (switching to LED lighting, installing motion sensors, etc.),
  • our adoption of composting and recycling (expected November 1),
  • our adoption of solar panels on our building (final stages of evaluation are underway),
  • our use of organic foods before and after Shabbat services,
  • our monthly “going green” tips that are distributed to the congregation,
  • elevating the environmental conversation and activities in our preschool and youth programs,
  • and so much more!

Each month we include resources and actions that anyone can take to protect our environment. CLICK HERE to see our past Tzedek Messages and to see what the EAAC has been up to!


Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784