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Each year in North America thousands of people convert to Judaism. While each person’s path into Jewish life is unique, there are many shared questions.

If you are interested in learning more about Judaism, if you are considering becoming a “Jew by choice,” or if you are already on a path toward conversion, the clergy of Temple Sinai applauds your courage and curiosity. Working with individuals who are exploring Jewish identity is one of a rabbi’s greatest privileges, and each of us welcomes you with open arms. We recognize that making a decision to convert to Judaism is a very personal commitment, and want to make your journey as easy and as meaningful as possible.

Because each person is unique, no two programs or timelines for conversion will be the same, but below you will find a basic outline of what to expect in the process:

Steps Toward Becoming a Jew

  1. Participation in an Introduction to Judaism Course (either at Temple Sinai or elsewhere)
  2. Regular Meetings with one of the Rabbis
  3. Readings designated by the Rabbi
  4. Shabbat Observance
  5. Torah Study
  6. Holiday Observance
  7. Journal/essay on your Jewish journey
  8. Beit Din (panel of 3 clergy)
  9. Mikvah (immersion in a ritual bath) (brit milah / hatafat dam brit when applicable)
  10. Outline of future plans for Jewish study


  1. Do I need to be a Temple Sinai member to convert? No.
  2. If I take an Introduction to Judaism course, will I be expected to convert? No.
  3. Who can answer my questions about conversion? Please call the Temple Sinai office at (404) 252-3073 to set up a personal meeting with one of the Rabbis.

You may also contact the Rabbis directly via email:

Rabbi Ron Segal:
Rabbi Brad Levenberg:
Rabbi Sam Shabman: 

Fri, January 27 2023 5 Sh'vat 5783