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Shalom U'Vracha, (Peace and Blessings)!

Each year in North America thousands of people convert to Judaism. While each person’s path into Jewish life is unique, there are many shared questions.

If you are interested in learning more about Judaism, if you are considering becoming a “Jew by choice,” or if you are already on a path toward conversion, the clergy of Temple Sinai applaud your courage and curiosity. Working with individuals who are exploring Jewish identity is one of a rabbi’s greatest privileges, and each of us welcomes you with open arms. We recognize that making a decision to convert to Judaism is a very personal commitment, and want to make your journey as easy and as meaningful as possible.

Because each person is unique, no two programs or timelines for conversion will be the same, but below you will find a basic outline of what to expect in the process:

Steps Toward Becoming a Jew

  1. Initial Meeting with Rabbi Natan Trief: Prior to this meeting, he will send you an autobiographical information form to fill out. Please contact him at
  1. Completion of our Introduction to Judaism Course: We offer this course weekly on Tuesday evenings in our beautiful learning center and via Zoom. It is an 18-week class that covers the breadth of Jewish life throughout the generations and is the perfect start for this journey of learning and growth. Registration is rolling and you can join at any time to complete your 18 classes. 
  1. Individual Study with Members of Temple Sinai's Clergy: Upon completion of the Intro course and requirements, you will meet with each member of Sinai's clergy team to discuss different aspects of Jewish life, thought, and practice. 
  1. Participation in Activities at Temple Sinai: During your course and beyond, we will ensure you have opportunities to experience the richness of Jewish Life at Temple including Shabbat celebrations, holiday and festival observance, participation in community events, etc. 
  1. Concluding the Path to Conversion: You will be asked to write a concluding essay, choose a meaningful Hebrew name, and appear before a beyt din, a group of three clergy members to ensure that your entrance into Judaism is embraced lovingly and supportively. There will then be a ritual immersion into the beautiful local mikvah in Sandy Springs. 


Q: Do I need to be a Temple Sinai member to convert?
A: No.

Q: If I take an Introduction to Judaism course, will I be expected to convert?
A: No, there is no expectation to convert. Some people choose to take this class for their own knowledge and edification.

Q: How long does the conversion process take?
A: In response to this oft-asked question, the Sinai clergy share the belief that individuals studying for conversion should experience a full cycle of Jewish holidays prior to concluding the process. We recognize that this window of time could vary amongst candidates based upon personal experiences to date, and this will be a partial focus of your time spent with Rabbi Natan.

Q: Who can answer my questions about conversion?
A: Please call the Temple Sinai office at (404) 252-3073 to set up a personal meeting with Rabbi Natan. You may also contact him directly at


We are excited to welcome you as a member of the eternal Jewish People. 

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyar 5784