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HUB Hadracha (Leadership) is where teens can hone their leadership skills and be a role model for younger kids, or plan and lead events for their peers.

All Madrichim programs are on Sundays from 9:15 am-12-15 pm.

Madrichim-in-Training is a complementary add on to their learning, open only to those who have registered for H.U.B. Sunday and apply for this role. This cohort meets weekly for leadership workshops, opportunities to lead, and is made up of a close cohort of mature, responsible peers. Madrichim-in-training will spend time assisting in Noar learning spaces throughout the year.

Junior Madrichim are junior teen teaching assistants. Acceptance into the Junior Madrichim program is dependent on application and enrollment in H.U.B.
Sunday. These teens will act as teaching assistants to Noar Sunday educators and serve as role models for Noar Sunday students, while learning valuable leadership skills!

Teens in Grades 11-12 who apply and are accepted to the Senior Madrichim program will act as a teaching assistant to Noar educators, These teen leaders
may lead small groups within their class, help plan and differentiate lessons, and help support kids’ needs. Senior Madrichim can participate in Noar Sunday and/or Noar Hebrew (additional Hebrew assessment required) as a volunteer or paid opportunity.


Fri, January 27 2023 5 Sh'vat 5783