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See below for a partial list of 5784 Endowment events. See below and visit the calendar for dates, details and registration.

Rabbi Mark Borovitz and his wife, Harriet, will visit Temple Sinai and share their fascinating stories of addiction, recovery, love, and healing. They are an unlikely couple who have revolutionized the world of addiction recovery and mental health, and specialize in working with adults as well as teens. (Brian Waronker Memorial Fund) Click here for more information.


Dr. Zackary Dov Berger will be our guest scholar. Dr. Berger is Associate Professor in the John Hopkins Division of General Internal Medicine and has an active practice in primary internal care medicine. He specializes in Jewish bioethics, and patient-centered care and is an expert at integrating Jewish texts into his various practices. (Mark E. Silverman Maimonides Award EndowmentClick here for more information.

Temple Sinai also houses two bimonthly Book Clubs thanks to the generosity of the Rona and Bill Balser Book Series Endowment. Click here for more information. 

The Temple Sinai endowments that specifically benefit the pursuit of adult learning are listed and described below.

RONA AND BILL BALSER BOOK SERIES ENDOWMENT FUND (2016) – To help develop and enrich Temple Sinai by providing resources for the further development and organization of programs discussing books and films.

MICHAEL ALEMBIK MEMORIAL FUND (1994) – To help and enrich the spirits and lives of Temple Sinai members through learning in the area of human relationships and healing.

GREENWALD FAMILY PARENTING ENDOWMENT FUND (2018) - To provide resources for the benefit of programs and activities associated with educating Temple Sinai parents on important issues relating to their children (infants to college-age children).  

BRIAN WARONKER MEMORIAL FUND FOR ADDICTION & RECOVERY (2018) – To provide resources to help ensure programs, education and emotional support associated with addition & recovery for Temple Sinai members of all ages.

MARK E. SILVERMAN MAIMONIDES AWARD ENDOWMENT FUND (2018) – To support a program for the discussion and presentation of relevant topics in medical treatment, research, history and education.

RICHMAN SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS ENDOWMENT FUND (2012) – To provide resources for the benefit of Temple Sinai’s programs and activities associated with spiritual relationships.

ELLEN AND SANFORD SCHWARTZ TORAH LEARNING ENDOWMENT FUND (2019) – To benefit Temple Sinai’s programs and activities associated with learning and the study of Torah.

SAMUEL GORDON ADULT EDUCATION ENDOWMENT FUND (2017) – To enrich Temple Sinai by providing resources to benefit adult education and cultural/religious activities.

SAM CHYATTE MEMORIAL FUND (1980) – To support programs relating to medical ethics and medical science.

JAN & WARREN EPSTEIN CULTURAL ART FUND (2006) – To enrich the membership of Temple Sinai through cultural and performing arts such as drama, music, and dance in support of programming with distinct Jewish and/or Israeli themes.

To see the full list of Temple Sinai Endowments, please click here

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