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		                                    High Holy Days 5782 at Temple Sinai		                                </span>

What a joy it will be to welcome this New Year and to wish one another a shanah tovah, a good year, as we gather in person for these Holy Days. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for year – shanah - has other meanings as well: the same root letters (shin, nun, heh) also form the word for ‘change’ and for ‘repetition.’ Thus, a wish for a shanah tovah is not only for a good year but also for a year of good change, of doing things differently and better, and for a year of positive continuity, of relearning and re-instilling the foundational wisdom and truths which have guided us for centuries.

Personally and congregationally, questions of what will be different and what will stay the same are on all of our minds as we return to Temple Sinai this year. May our heartfelt wishes for a shanah tovah help to usher in a good year, one in which we cherish all that is most precious and also strive to change for the better.

Say goodbye to the paper ticket and hello to DIGITAL!
As we continue to welcome the community forward we are excited to launch e-tickets for our in-person High Holy Day experiences. Paper tickets will not be mailed this year and all members in good standing will need to acquire e-tickets to attend our services and family programs. Visit our FAQ here for answers to all of your questions.  Should you need assistance, please contact 404-252-3073 or email

Click on the graphics below to take you to dedicated webpages and forms, as well as links to acquire your e-tickets and registration. 

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782