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		                                    High Holy Days 5783 at Temple Sinai		                                </span>

Having survived another year with its triumphs and challenges, its celebrations and losses, we ask the annual question: for what gifts, big or small, do we give thanks? For what mistakes, big or small, do we seek forgiveness? Those acts lead us to return to our best selves; even if our best selves are but an idea or aspiration, we have the opportunity to envision the people we want to be and set a course to become them.

And so it is with our congregation as well. Two years of Covid made us think hard about what we need, what we miss and who we want to be. The pandemic highlighted the essentialness of human connection, and while we made do with virtual gatherings and singing from our homes, the programs and services that brought us together in person this year were a real tell. We missed each other. We missed laughing, learning, singing and praying in the same room. As we come back together for the New Year, we also have communal aspirations.

This year we are offering two new services: Rosh HaShanah/Reconsidered, and Yom Kippur/Reconsidered-each a new flavor of worship for the Holy Days (see description on last page). Along with our traditional services, the music we love, and the video production we’ve come to appreciate, our holiday observances strive to be Sinai at its best. That said, no production, no matter how innovative or polished, can create the same holy space that people do when praying in the same room. It is nothing short of magical. Of course no matter where you pray from, the services will be inclusive and moving, however, if your health allows, there is nothing like being in “the room where it happens.”

We look forward to ushering in 5783 with you. May it be a year of hope, a year of good health, and a year of healing for all.

We are pleased to continue the use of e-tickets for the High Holy Days. Paper tickets will not be mailed this year and all members in good standing will need to acquire tickets even if you plan to attend virtually.  Should you need assistance, please contact 404-252-3073 or email Note due to a high call volume during the High Holy Day season, email is preferred and we greatly appreciate your patience!


Click on the graphics below to take you to dedicated web pages and forms, as well as links to acquire your e-tickets and registration. 

Sat, December 10 2022 16 Kislev 5783