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Parent's Morning Out (12-18 Months, 1 or 2 days a week)

Gaining Independence

The 12 month class provides an introductory experience to a social setting. This class is designed to teach curious little ones how to safely and enthusiastically participate in a class environment. Children will become more aware of themselves and their surroundings while learning language, physical and cognitive skills through reading, music, games and art.


18-24 Months (2 days a week)

Participating and Learning

In the 18-month class, children learn how to be part of a group. This class teaches the importance of participating with others; learning how to listen, understand and follow simple directions. Physical and cognitive readiness skills are learned through imaginative play, creative movement, art and other sensory activities.


Two-Year Olds (2, 3, or 5 days a week)

Discovering and Problem Solving

The Two-Year old class enriches a child’s curiosity about the world. From problem solving as a group to understanding everyday tasks and objects, this class embraces children’s eagerness to discover and learn. Interactive activities, including creative movement, song, art, dramatic play, and hands-on exploration, help children develop a sense of self as well as physical and cognitive readiness skills in playful, fun ways.


Three-Year Olds (3 or 5 days a week)

Critical Thinking and Communicating

The Three-Year old class prepares children for Pre-Kindergarten. Children are engrossed in activities and discussions that prepare them with the critical thinking and social skills necessary to adapt to a more academic classroom setting.  The children in this class use full sentences when communicating, identifying letters and their sounds, practice counting, and participate in group activities that encourage creative and critical thinking skills.


Pre-Kindergarten (5 days a week)

Getting Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond

The Pre-Kindergarten class provides children with a strong academic foundation for Kindergarten. An interactive classroom environment with specific math, language, science and social studies activities help children develop the necessary Kindergarten-readiness skills. Students continue to build a love of learning and positive sense of self that will carry them throughout their lifetime.


Pre-K Plus (5 days a week)

Academic and Social Growth

The Pre-K PLUS Program is designed for students who have already completed a Pre-K program and would benefit from an additional year of kindergarten readiness preparation. This is a year to hone skills and build self-confidence. Children will have the social benefits of spending part of their day with a traditional Pre-K class while receiving the advantage of separate accelerated academic work in small groups with individual focus and attention. The goal for this unique Pre-K PLUS program is to prepare children to enter into all kindergarten activities with complete ease and to have all the social skills to engage comfortably and successfully with their peers.

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